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Time Sharing and Visitation

Experienced Fort Lauderdale Time Sharing and Visitation Attorney

Time Sharing Child Custody Visitation Rights in the State of Florida

Whether you are seeking primary residential parent status, secondary residential status, or shared child custody, we can help you to achieve a result that is truly in the best interest of your child. Time Sharing Child Custody Visitation Rights in the state of Florida law is the specialty of attorney Serena Carroll, and she has considerable experience with divorce and child custody mediation and a proven ability to get excellent results for our clients.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when coming up with a time sharing schedule that works for everyone involved. A visitation schedule can be created by the parents themselves. Ideally both parents will come to an agreement regarding visitation so that both of the parents’ schedules can accommodate their visitation. However, if this is not possible, then you will have a court hearing and a short amount of time to present the facts of your case to a judge. This judge will not know the details of your work, commuting and social schedules, but since an agreement was not reached out of court, the judge will need to impose some sort of visitation schedule which may not be ideal for either parent.

It may be possible to draft an agreeable time sharing schedule with the help of an experienced mediator. A mediator can help divorcing spoused with a number of issues, including child custody, support and visitation. Serena Carroll has been approved by the Supreme Court of Florida as a certified family law mediator.

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