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Mediation is a frequently utilized method of negotiating a divorce settlement. In a divorce mediation session, both spouses work with a neutral third party in order to discuss and resolve any issues pertaining to the divorce. The mediator will not make decisions, rather he or she will serve as a facilitator in order to help both spouses decide what is best in regards to property division, child support, child custody, alimony, etc.

  • There are numerous benefits to choosing mediation over going to court.
  • Mediation is much less expensive than having a series of hearings or going to trial.
  • Mediation can take much less time than a trial.
  • Typically, mediations can result in the settlement of all divorce issues.
  • Mediation is confidential and there will be no public record of your sessions.
  • You can still use a lawyer for legal counsel if you think it’s necessary.
  • Mediation can help improve communication between both spouses, which can help in avoiding future conflicts.
  • Mediation allows spouses to decide the outcome of the divorce, rather than having the court decide on major issues.

It is important in mediation that both spouses are open to compromise and able to listen to other points of view. Even if you don’t agree, being able to see from your spouse’s point of view can help reach a workable solution.

Even though there are many benefits to the mediation process in a divorce, spouses must still decide if the process is right for them, or if they should go to court instead. If both spouses agree to the decision to divorce and can see eye to eye on many of the issues relating to the divorce, mediation may be the right course of action. However, if there are adversarial feelings between spouses that may make mutual agreement difficult, or if there is a history of abuse in the relationship, spouses may feel that letting a court decide on their issues will work better. This does not mean that they shouldn’t give mediation a try, however. The costs of a divorce in court can be high, so it may be worthwhile to try mediation first. You can have a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer present during mediation if it would make you more comfortable.

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Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Serena Carroll is approved by the Supreme Court of Florida as a certified family law mediator. For more information regarding mediation and whether or not it is right for you, contact Ms. Carroll at (954) 525-2050.

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