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Divorce is one of the most difficult steps in any person’s life. An experienced Broward County divorce attorney can help you through the process. Contact the Law Office of Serena Carroll today.

Divorce has become a common fact of modern life. But despite the frequency of divorce, no two divorces are alike. Each divorce occurs for different reasons, based on unique relationship dynamics, and has different financial, emotional, and personal ramifications. Each divorce also has its own unique legal issues. For this reason, when you are considering or have decided to pursue divorce, you should look for an attorney with experience, a focus on family law issues, and the ability to quickly sort through the facts and guide you through all of your options.

Each couple comes to divorce from a different background. In many cases, the decision to split is mutual, and the couple is able to work through dissolving the marriage without high levels of animosity. Where the parties are able to agree in principle on the major issues in the divorce, it is considered an uncontested divorce. Nonetheless, there are often specific issues of concern to each partner, such as child custody issues, distribution of specific personal property or real property, or the future handling of any shared business interests. When the couple is able to approach these issues reasonably, settlement of the divorce through mediation is a preferable course of action, because it limits the costs of the proceedings, can be accomplished relatively quickly, and ensures that both partners obtain a relatively acceptable result.

Some divorces, however, are extremely contentious. Where the parties cannot agree on one or more issues in the divorce, the divorce is considered a contested divorce. Florida is a “no-fault” state, which means that either member of the marriage can file for divorce based on a breakdown in the relationship, without any wrongdoing by the other spouse. However, the other spouse can choose to contest whether the marriage is actually reconcilable, which will result in drawing out the proceedings but will not prevent the divorce from happening. In contentious divorces, mediation is less effective, although there may be agreement on minor issues. Instead, the case may have to proceed through the court system and to trial. It is important to retain a divorce attorney who is an effective advocate in court, but who also understands where compromise can produce the best results for her client.

Divorce involves the separation of numerous aspects of the marriage. Personal and real property must be divided. Business interests, pensions, debts, and investments made by one spouse in the success of the other must be addressed. However, the most contentious issue in many divorces involves child custody. As a general rule, both parents retain full parental rights and responsibilities, and a shared schedule of visitation must be devised in a comprehensive parenting plan. Alimony and child support are also important issues in any divorce. While fault is not an issue in most Florida divorces, evidence of the behavior of one spouse towards the other can have relevance in child custody, alimony and child support issues.

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Divorce is a serious matter, calling for a skilled Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer. The Law Office of Serena Carroll is focused on divorce and other family law issues. We understand how difficult this step is in anyone’s life, and we will provide you with excellent customer service and support throughout the process. For a confidential consultation, contact our office today at (954) 525-2050.

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